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Answering Services - Philadelphia

Grow your business and reduce your costs with our answering service solutions.

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Answering Services & Call Center Solutions - Philadelphia, Pa

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...grow your business with our answering services and call center solutions by contacting more leads, serving more customers and saving on staffing and facility costs....

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Answering Services
Local, State & Nationwide Service

Our Philadelphia Answering Services includes answering services and other call center services for the local Philadelphia area, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and nationwide.


Our Philadelphia Answering Service is an excellent choice for businesses and organizations of any size, whether your business is exclusively local or national in scope.


Our Philadelphia, Pennsylvania call center services range from traditional telephone answering services to highly complex programs, including Appointment Setting, Virtual Receptionist, Order Entry, Direct Response/DRTV, Live Chat, Telesales, Telemarketing, Property Management Answering & Dispatch and Customer Service/Help Desk services and more.


Virtually any business process that can be performed by phone, smart phone or email can be outsourced to AnswerNet call centers. More details below...


Philadelphia Telephone Answering Service

Give your callers exceptional customer service at a fraction of the cost of staffing your office 24/7 by using our Philadelphia Answering Services.

Our friendly, professional agents are available 365 days a year to answer your business calls. Answering Service agents go through a rigorous training process to ensure your calls are handled with the highest level of efficiency and professionalism in the industry.

Answering Service Benefits:


Your Business Stays Open 24 Hours A Day
Never Miss A Phone Call
Professional Business Presence
Our Team Becomes Your Team
Save on Staffing Costs By Outsourcing Telephone Answering
Free Up Your Staff Time For Other Business Tasks
No Installation Required - Save on Facility & Equipment Costs



24/7/365 Service
Regular & Emergency Telephone Answering Service
All Messages Are Logged
Customized Accounts
Customizable Scripting

Answering Service Options and Additional Services


Online Calendar and Appointment Setting
Appointment Setting Service
Appointment Reminder Service
Order Entry / Order Processing / Credit Card Processing
Order Fulfillment / Warehouse Services

Property Management Answering & Dispatch Service and Software
Data Entry Service
Telesales & Telemarketing
Insurance Sales & Answering Service
Banking / Finance Customer Care Service
Help Desk Services (IT and Product Support)
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Services - Receive or Send Calls
Email Receptionist Services
Virtual Receptionist Service Specialty Answering Services

Specialty Answering Services for Philadelphia and the surrounding region include Appointment Setting, Virtual Receptionist, Order Entry, Direct Response/DRTV, Live Chat, Telesales, Telemarketing, Property Management Answering & Dispatch and Customer Service/Help Desk services. Learn more about these services below.


Appointment Setting Services

In today’s business environment, time truly is money. Your sales representatives are constantly trying to keep up with the demands of juggling their schedules and closing deals. With AnswerNet’s Appointment Setting Services, our agents can make the cold calls for you and your team. We will take your leads, make the cold calls, and set face‐to‐face sales appointments for your sales staff. Using our state‐of‐the‐art technology and highly trained staff, your sales representatives can focus on selling while having immediate access to their schedules and instant notification of sales meeting changes or cancellations.


Customer Service / Help Desk
...Let us be your Complete Customer Service Department

Our staff triages each help desk call by opening a trouble shoot ticket and reliably escalating calls to your appropriate staff member in any format you desire (live patch, voicemail, email or SMS), ensuring your customers receive the 24/7/365 support they need. Higher levels of Help Desk Services are available to provide solutions to problems based on a standard response library. AnswerNet agents will only contact your staff to assist with higher-level problems that our project manager cannot resolve.


Direct Response TV (DRTV)

AnswerNet can ensure that your promotions are successful by leveraging your Direct Response campaign with our award-winning call center services. Whether you anticipate 1,000 calls or 10,000 while running a local spot or a national campaign, AnswerNet will be standing by to capture each order, donation or pledge.


Order Entry Service

AnswerNet’s Order Entry Service allows your customers the flexibility to order products at their own convenience and at any time. Our agents understand the importance of handling your calls and contacts professionally and efficiently, giving you the level of service you would expect from your own staff without increasing your internal operating costs.


Property Management Answering and Dispatch Services

Our trained professionals answer your exclusive, toll-free, 24/7 maintenance hotline and enter the maintenance requests into FLM or your current online tracking system. They gather all required information and input every service request into either AnswerNet’s web-based, multi-family real estate work order tracking system or your own.


Telesales Services

AnswerNet’s TeleSales Services are uniquely qualified to handle the large scale, long‐running campaigns necessary for big companies and corporations to compete in the marketplace.
Using our highly‐trained sales specialists, AnswerNet supports your sales cycle in any phase and can handle the entire marketing life cycle of your product or service—from early marketing and product launch support to sales and customer development and retention.


Virtual Receptionist

Our Virtual Receptionist agents are trained to read, file and reply accurately and quickly, ensuring your messages are acknowledged, filtered and routed to the appropriate staff member or department. Agents can page/dispatch information to sales, service or administrative personnel as needed to escalate time sensitive calls and emails immediately.


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